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QUALITY ASSURANCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation To view this presentation, you'll need to enable Flash. After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. PPT – QUALITY ASSURANCE PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 12c1b8-NzhjN. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Statements of the ministers of education in the framework of the. Political opportunism; 'overactivity', mistrust. 12. A couple of definitions. Accreditation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation. Title: QUALITY ASSURANCE. 1 QUALITY ASSURANCE 4th Pay for Essay - EssayHave.com - Official Website Conference of Ministers of Education from the Western Balkans Strasbourg, 27-28 November 2006 Prof. Luc E. WEBER, Rector Emeritus, University of Geneva Chair CDESR, SpeedyEssay.co.uk Review | UKEssaysReviews of Europe 2 Setting the European scene Statements of the ministers of education in the framework of the Bologna process Bologna Declaration (1999) Promotion of European co-operation in quality assurance with a view to developing comparable criteria and methodologies. Prague communiqué (2001) .Ministers called upon the universities and other higher education institutions (HEI), national agencies and ENQUA, in cooperation with corresponding paper writing service usa from countries which are not members of ENQUA, to collaborate in establishing a common framework of reference and to disseminate best practice. Berlin communiqué (2003) At the European level, Ministers call upon ENQUA through its members, in co-operation with the EUA, EURASHE and ESIB, to develop an agreed set of standards, procedures psychology report writer guidelines on quality assurance, to explore ways of ensuring an adequate peer review system for quality assurance and/or accreditation agencies or bodies. 3 Bergen communiqué (2005) .we urge HEI to continue their efforts to enhance the quality of their activities map of ann arbor michigan the systematic introduction of internal mechanisms and their direct correlation to external quality is it necessary to include an objective on a resume . We adopt the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the EHEA as proposed by ENQA. . We welcome the principle of a Homework help for me register of quality assurance agencies writing critical essays. .We underline the importance of cooperation between nationally recognised agencies with a view to enhancing the mutual recognition of accreditation or quality assurance decisions. 4 Two related statements Communication from the EU commission (2006) Universities will not become innovative and responsive to change unless they are given real autonomy . In return for being freed from over-regulation and micro-management, universities should accept full institutional accountability to society at large for their results. Recommendation 1762 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Explanatory essay example (30/06/2006) Art 4. The Assembly reaffirm the right to academic freedom and University autonomy Art top 10 excuses for not doing homework Accountability, transparency and quality assurance are pre-conditions. 5 Outline Why quality assurance (QA)? How to organize QA? To conclude 6 WHY QUALITY ASSURANCE? The public responsibility The responsibility of HEI 7 THE PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY FOR QA Public responsibility for HER Collective return Equal cheap online term paper writers for college students Public responsibility for QA HER is costly Absence of a system of sanctions and rewards Participation to the EHEA (Bologna process) Public responsibility for QA embraces Public institutions direct control Private institutions indirect control (regulation) 8 The responsibility of HEI QA is an imperative for HEI The environment is changing increasingly rapidly Globalization, scientific and technological progress, Bologna process Consequences increasing competition and necessity to cooperate European HEI are underfinanced The governance and leadership of HEI are not up to the autonomy they request and to the poor financial situation? Limits of a decentralized decision system centered on professors Decision process not favorable to decisions (to change) Conclusions Public authorities feel the need to intervene (danger or a vicious circle) Institutions it is in their own interest to promote a quality culture (quality improvement) 9 HOW TO ORGANIZE QA HEI are SpeedyEssay.co.uk Review | UKEssaysReviews specific institutions QA is in a state of adolescence Strategic choices re. QA 10 HEI are very specific institutions Missions Keep the knowledge accumulated by society Transfer knowledge Create new knowledge Use knowledge SpeedyEssay.co.uk Review | UKEssaysReviews solve societal problems Nature of services Teaching teach how to learn Research complex and unpredictable processes 11 QA is in a State of adolescence Origin A couple of national agencies 20 years ago Multiple actors, strategies and designations National or branch specific organizations ENQUA, European Network of Quality Assurance ECA, European Consortium for accreditation EUA, European University Association Impact Low efficiency (accreditation Q4. (Sampling Distributions And The Central Limit evaluation) Weak benefit-cost ratio Promote strategic behaviors Still to come evaluation/accreditation becomes a business Cause Too little research re-invention of the wheel Political opportunism overactivity, mistrust 12 A couple of definitions Accreditation Authorization which applies to institutions and/or teaching programs private or public, as well as LLL programs Aims to protect the name University to guarantee that an institution or a program satisfies a minimum quality standard to protect the investment made by the students-consumers Responsibility of the State (regulatory role of the State) Could also serve to assess If a program has reached some specified quality level (business, engineering) The internal quality assurance procedures of an institution The final aim of accreditation is NOT the assessment of the relative quality level (therefore, it promotes quality how to write a resume for a waitress position indirectly) 13 Quality assessment or evaluation More ambitious PEER REVIEWED: Facilitating Change in School Health: A delicate goal Dissertation Service In Malaysia - buywriteonlineessay.com to assess the relative quality of an institution, a teaching program, a faculty or Ace homework help | Eurasia - Rivista di studi geopolitici and/or a discipline in a country research Necessary for The knowledge society (improving the quality of teaching and research) Nbc10 Homework Helpline - cheapbestbuyessay.email Bologna process (building trust accreditation will not be sufficient to secure acceptance in good research universities) 14 Quality culture (quality improvement) Extended ongoing effort on the part of an institution (and encouraged by the State) to develop the capacity for change through the development of Internal quality Strategic leadership This effort must be supported by external evaluations and monitored (evaluated) externally from time to time 15 Strategic choices re. QA Formative or summative? Formative encouragement and support Summative sanction (yes no) This choice greatly influences behavior (attitude) Fitness for purpose or evaluation according to pre-defined criteria? Pre-defined criteria positive for very broad general criteria difficult to generalize in a very complex and diversified environment Fitness for purpose Evaluation based on what the institution wants to do 16 Qualitative or quantitative criteria? Quantitative seems to be ideal, but indicators are not sufficiently homogenous or relevant (ex. of rankings!) Qualitative softer, however, very flexible result depends on transparency of institution and professionalism and independence of evaluators Institution centered or agency centered? Subsidiarity principle responsibility of HEI! (Berlin 2003) But, responsibility SpeedyEssay.co.uk Review | UKEssaysReviews the State to make it compulsory and to control 17 Other open questions? Link between evaluation and financial support? promote transparency of institution (for its own sake)? or reward performance? Independence of agency! Basically, 4 possibilities State agency, Universities agency Joint Sate and universities agency Private (for profit?) agency run by a profession or a foundation None is fully independent from influence (political, universities or financial) 18 Independence of evaluators! Highly desirable! But difficult Higher education is a small world Increasing obligation to compensate evaluators for their work will make them more prudent (less disinterested) Publication of results? At first sight, very desirable (transparency) But danger that evaluation reports are self censored 19 TO CONCLUDE 20 ENQUA Standard and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA. Basic principles Focus on HE institutions Universities are responsible to develop an internal quality culture. It implies Self-evaluation Visit of peers However, independent agencies (national or trans-national) should Set the framework (general rules) Control the SpeedyEssay.co.uk Review | UKEssaysReviews in each institution 21 HEI should be proactive Ghost Writer For College Papers - editingforbusiness.com is develop a serious quality culture Evaluation of teaching is good, but also an alibi not to do more Quality improvement in academic and administrative affairs should be an essential element write my paper for me reviews the strategy of change Writing an introduction to a dissertation authorities, on the contrary, are too pro-active (intervene too deeply) vicious circle! Accreditation of programs goes too far this should be the responsibility of well governed institutions Accreditation of whole public institutions is an alibi (heavy and costly, superficial and it rarely changes anything) 22 THANK YOU I hope it is useful. PowerShow.com is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. 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